My name is Alexandra Parger and I’m the founder of NANAdesign.
NANAdesign is specialized in developping customized design objects with 3D printing technology.

I’m an architect in Vienna working as a conusltant in workplace and change management.

Out of fascination being able to produce my own jewellery, I started NANAdesign. Designing and then selling my products on local design markets, aswell as collaborations followed up. I finished my studies in architecture at the Technical University in Vienna and am currently working as an architect in Berlin, Germany.

I see NANAdesign as an innovative agency that is open to new challenges and likes to work close with the clients to achieve their visions the best way possible. 
To find the right solution for every project by using different approaches and techniques is one of my top priorities. Like transforming 2D Graphics in 3D Models, or adopting the corporate identity in my customized designs.

My main professional fields are: event related objects (special 3D printed flowerpots for weddings for example), customized merchandising products (starting at a low number), prototyping, design concept aswels as creative guidance and 3D modelling.

I produce most of the objects with my in house 3D printer or a local laser cutter using 3Dprinting material or Plexiglas.
But if requested a wide range of materials are also possible like Steel, Gold, Nylon, Porcelain,...

If you have an idea, just contact me to discuss it.
I would love to hear about it! 



Clients and Collaboratons

das Zukunftsinstitut
Das Rund
Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann
Madonna (magazine)
the Sorority
das Packhaus



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